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I have a friend I went to school with who up until a few days ago used to be the webmaster for Reality Kings. They canned him because they found a guy who'd do the job cheaper and this really pissed my buddy off. So anyway he told me about a free way into Reality Kings Money Talks as well as all the Reality Kings pay sites used by the company for in-house testing. It's a username/password pair that's hardcoded right into the server software. As many people can log in using it as you want. Anyway I tried it and yep it works.

He told me not to put it in a blog or forum where it could get traced back to me but he put it where anybody can get to it if they want. It's kept in a profile on a dating site that he uses for just this sort of thing called Christian Mingle which you can get to by clicking Reality Kings Money Talks. It's a free signup and all so you don't need a credit card or anything (that's why he put it there). The profile name is "fukingz". Go there and scroll to the bottom. They're right there and they work. I can't believe Reality Kings hasn't stopped this yet but they haven't.

You can tell your friends about this but don't post the codes on any forum or blog where they could get traced back to you. Have fun! That site is the bomb!